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Lợi thế của chúng tôi

  • Hấp thụ làm cho nghề nghiệp

    Rooted in the domestic road transport many years, rich experience in road logistics of  heavy and oversized cargos Successfully transported thousands of major cases, abundant industry experience

  • Profession makes  excellence

    International break bulk transportation experience for CIS(Commonwealth of Independence States) countries many years and custom-made logistics solutions from senior heavy and oversized cargos transportation experts team

  • Được tin tưởng vì sự xuất sắc

     OOG(Out Of Gauge container), RORO, break bulk shipment, project logistics, transit transport, One Belt And One Road engineering logistics Successfully operated multimodal transport business of international heavy and oversized cargos,  importing&exporting, transit transportation

  • Di chuyển khi cần, Đạt được nhiệm vụ

     Efficient and prompt logistics plan provider for your heavy and oversized cargos GPS tracking by 24-hours on monitoring site,  1VS1 VIP customer service