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Sohologistics, always adhering to taking the management methods of “Innovating and Reforming,Diversity and Refinement, combined with precipitation years of rich experience in Chinese road transportation and third-party highway transportation experiences, keeping up with the development pace of the Silk Road and Eurasian continental bridge economic belt, actively responding to China "One Belt And One Road" initiative  positively adjust corporate strategy planning layout and begin to provide a new service of international road transportation to Pakistan.

Sohologistics load your goods throughout China then transport to the port of kashgar in Xinjiang into China-Pakistan friendship Highway (KKH) (the Karakoram Highway, referred to as the KKH or Pamir Highway), via khunjerab pass on China-Pakistan border to the south and arrive at Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan for distribution to all throughout Pakistan after finished the customs clearance in Sost port in Pakistan.

Fördelarna med sohologistik

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  • Q

    What kind of goods are suitable for international road transport to Pakistan?


    For the goods within 2.5 meters in width and 13 meters in length. Besides, due to the influence of climate and geography, the open time of China-Pakistan international road transportation is from April to November every year.

  • Q

    How to conduct customs declaration, customs transfer and customs clearance for international road transport to Pakistan?


    Stegen är generellt följande:
    A. Road transport to Pakistanis to carry out the export declaration according to the relevant information of foreign transport vehicles and local customs after loading on foreign vehicles in the Supervised Warehouse.
    B.The transit of road transport  to Pakistan is declared in the countries along the way
    C.International road transport to Pakistan can be declared at the border port for customs clearance or at the project site.


    Which incoterm is used for international highway transportation to Pakistan?


    Det finns två incoterms DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid named place of destination), det vill säga leverans Duty Unpaid till angiven destination och DAP - Levereras på destinationsplats för leverans.