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Culture Company

  • Mfundo Yogwira Ntchito
    Mfundo Yogwira Ntchito

    Innovating and Reforming,Diversity and Refinement

  • Service Concept
    Service Concept

    Move as Need, Reach the Mission

  • Vision

    Global Logistics, Outstanding Company

  • Zofunika Kwambiri
    Zofunika Kwambiri

    High-efficiency Logistics Services of Supply Chain Management

  • Philosophy ya Bizinesi
    Philosophy ya Bizinesi

    create value for customers and help partners realize their dreams

  • Talent Concept
    Talent Concept

    Respect and Sharing, Simplicity and Concentration, Collaboration and Progress

Nkhani Yaku Brand

In ancient China, the horse is the most important land transportation.

It just photograph reflects with the company's core business land transportation. At the same time, ist undertakes from the brand founder Mr Ma Qingbin, surname Ma (the same Chinese Pinyin pronuncition as Hores), he also shows hte preference on the horse.

With the logo of galloping horse standing on auspicious clouds, it implies the apprentice and winning the instant success,which means that SHL will achieve global outstanding logistics company vision at the earliest date.