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With the constantly development of Chinese economy, more and more production manufacturer move to the central and western part of China. And in response to the latest One belt and One Road initiative, the great strategic layout of the Yangtze river economic belt, especially for that the highway transportation cannot serve more heavy cargos transportation.

Sohologistics timely adjust corporate strategy ,actively carry out the barging bossiness in the Yangtze river, coastal cities and provides a series of related services for domestic and overseas clients and freight forwarders in order to make sure that all implementation of engineering logistics and project logistics are successful and smooth.

A barge is a shoal-draft flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river and canal transport of bulk goods. It belongs to the branch line of transportation.It can take small batches of dozens of tons of goods from the inland river terminal to the deep-water seaport and benefit for transferring these bulk cargos onto the trunk ships, container ships, bulk carriers and other overseas ships. Barging is also used when ocean vessels are not equipped with heavy duty derrick or when job sites and inaccessible by ocean vessel or road.

Thanks to the popularity of containerization,barges deliver mixed bulk cargos and break cargos, mainly including Self-propelled hatch barges and self-propelled deck barges. For the Yangtze river branch lines barging business, it make ups the shortages of road transportation for the heavy cargos.

SHL expertise encompasses selecting the right barge sizes, deck strength, appropriate tugging horsepower and pull as well as inspection before usage and deck strength reinforcement if required.

Barge प्रकारLength(M)Wideth(M)एकूण Weight(MT)निव्वळ वजन(एमटी)Depth(M)संदर्भ लोड वजन(एमटी)उपलब्ध डेक area(M)नो-लोड मसुदा depth(M)पूर्ण मसुदा depth(M)
डेक घुसणे SHL001116.00 21.60 2976.00 1666.00 6.20 4632.00 102.00 * 21.602.97 4.50 
डेक घुसणे SHL00282.00 18.00 2008.00 1124.00 4.00 2887.00 63.60 * 18.002.45 3.20 
डेक घुसणे SHL00380.52 18.00 1930.00 1081.00 5.20 3156.00 66.20 * 18.001.34 4.00 
डेक घुसणे SHL00488.00 18.00 1924.00 1077.00 4.50 2580.00 78.00 * 18.001.22 3.20 
डेक घुसणे SHL00579.55 16.80 1722.00 964.00 4.60 1530.00 63.00 * 16.801.14 2.60 
डेक घुसणे SHL00663.40 12.50 498.00 278.00 3.18 664.00 59.00 * 15.502.02 2.20 
डेक घुसणे SHL00761.96 12.40 495.00 277.00 3.15 668.00 54.00 * 14.801.62 2.15 
डेक घुसणे SHL00863.42 11.20 497.00 278.00 2.80 475.00 55.00 * 14.201.44 1.80 
डेक घुसणे SHL00966.80 12.00 497.00 278.00 2.85 659.00 59.00 * 15.501.90 2.00 
डेक घुसणे SHL01078.40 15.85 1216.00 680.00 3.60 1700.00 67.80 * 15.801.24 2.30 

   Yangtze river line port serviced by Sohologistics:                    

Jiangsu province: Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhangjiagang, Nantong Taicang Changzhou, Changshu, Jiangyin Zhenjiang Taizhou

Anhui province: Tongling, Anqing, Ma'anshan, Wuhu

जिआंगशी प्रांत: जिउजियांग, नानचांग

हुनान प्रांत: युएयांग, चांगशा

हुबेई प्रांत: वुहान, हुआंगशी, जिंगझोउ, यिचांग

चोंगकिंग शहर: चोंगकिंग

Sichuan province: Yibin, Luzhou, Leshan

युन्नान प्रांत: शुईफू

Shuttle barges from the above ports to Shanghai port, Taicang port, Zhangjiagang, Lianyungang port, Zhoushan port, Tianjin port, Qingdao port, Dalian port, Guangzhou port, and Humen port.

  • Q

    बार्ज वाहतुकीसाठी कोणत्या प्रकारचे कार्गो योग्य आहे?


    For the cargos with more than 5m or hardly pass through the bridges.They are suitable for barging transportation to the inland water or deliver from the inland water to the coastal seaports and directly change with sea vessels.

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    शांघाय बंदरातून मुख्य भूभागातून मोठ्या प्रमाणात मालवाहतूक परदेशात निर्यात करावी लागते तेव्हा ते बार्ज वाहतुकीसाठी योग्य आहे का?


    होय, सर्वप्रथम, अनुकूल-पर्यावरण विकासाच्या दृष्टीकोनातून, देशाने ट्रक-टू-रेल्वे, रेल्वे-ते-पाणी लोह ते पाण्याच्या आंतर-मॉडल आणि मल्टीमॉडलला प्रोत्साहन दिले आहे जेणेकरून जगाच्या पर्यावरण संरक्षणात हातभार लागेल, आणि वाहतूक मालवाहतुकीच्या खर्चात मोठ्या प्रमाणात बचत होते.

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    सिचुआन ते शांघाय वाहतुकीसाठी ते योग्य आहे का?


    यास सहसा 8-10 दिवस लागतात. यांग्त्झी नदीच्या कोरड्या कालावधीत, यास 5-10 दिवस जास्त लागतील. , उलट रेषा समान परिस्थिती आहे.