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Pirmasis „Kinijos postas“ išvyksta šiandien, kad skubiai pristatytų reikalingas atsargas ir įrangą maršruto Europos šalims!

Laikas: 2020-03-27 Pataikymai: 67

At about 11:00 on March 27th, the China Postal Service China-Europe train (Yiwu-Madrid) pulled out slowly from Yiwu West Railway Station, marking the large-scale and normal operation of the mail transportation business from Yiwu to Europe. This is the first departure of the "China Post". The China-Europe mail train is loaded with more than 200,000 pieces of goods from Zhejiang Province, mainly epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing and accessories, clothing, shoes and hats, and other small commodities, which are sent to Europe through the Alashan pass. It is expected to arrive in Poland 13 days later, and the relevant mail will be transferred to Britain, France, Germany and other European countries, and will eventually arrive in Madrid, Spain, 16 days later. During the epidemic period, the China-Europe train (Yiwu) has also been sending mail continuously, and the stable performance of the train has made it an important channel for mail transportation from Europe to Europe.
The China-Europe train in YIWU began to carry mail on a trial basis on January 24, 2018, with a total of 24 batches of 62 TEUs so far, which has made beneficial attempts in promoting China-EU multinational postal cooperation and promoting the international transportation of postal express parcels. Under the current situation of the spread of the global COVID-19 epidemic and the suspension of multinational aviation and shipping, it is of great practical significance to improve the quality of China-Europe trains and keep the mail logistics channel between China and Europe open. It has a very important practical significance for maintaining the stability of the global industrial chain supply chain, condensing anti-epidemic forces, boosting global confidence and so on.