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Suzhou Sohologistics CO., LTD (inferius ad ut Sohologistics aut SHL), est comprehensive turba a domesticis et internationalis logistics officia erant, qualified cum Paleonemertea Class-National / Internationalis Suspendisse forwarder quo agitur approbata est Ministry commercii et relatus est Transport Administration pro rei publicae ministerio et Commerce and Industry.

Sohologistics quia in Guangzhou MCMXCVIII cum domesticis commodis nulla per integrationem opes gentium feugiat Forwarders praebet Morsus eu ipsum summo officio ac sollerti copia catena administratione consilium consilium etc. Sohologistics decursibus Morsus operuerunt meridiem Sina, Oriente Sinis, North Sinis, Sinis Central regiones Africus.

Adhering the service concept of "Move As Need, Reach The Mission", taking the management methods of “Innovating and Reforming,Diversity and Refinement, Sohologistics makes efforts and struggles to becoming a global well- known integrated logistics company with scientific and technological innovation ability and this is also the Vision of Sohologistics.

E-commerce Cum strenuus progressum et environmental amica Sustainable highly confiteri conceptu of development, Sohologistics logistics industria et qui crediderit in quaerite faciem rerum mutationes igitur incipit esse novo mode traditional opportunities.The progressionem administratione copia catena non regredietur, et tardus administratione copia catena, cum e-commerciorum suggestum, erit magis ac magis communis et magis recta omnino erit, quod agentibus simplex, cum dicat amica solutionem environment, industria salutaris et emissionem reductionem.

The revolution is energized by the popularization of Internet and technology database, so SHL returns to the basic idea of "human-oriented", that is to focus on customers’ experience (such as how the customers can buy and sell goods at anytime and anywhere, how to get the supply chain production information and etc.) and provide a comprehensive solution of the supply chain operation, which the key point is the concept of value-added services. Sohologistics not only need to provide the traditional storage and transportation services, but also provide more extensive integrated logistics services as to making full use of information technology such as seamlessly linked with customers’ ERP systems, logistics system integrating with on-line and off-line purchasing and sales, What’s more, SHL has series of related financial services and some other value-added services.

Sohologistics hopes to be a friendly home for customers of providing comprehensive supply chain management solutions , with its years of experience in the traditional logistics industry, skillful integrated logistics management information system and continuing innovative ideas.In addition, except for third-party logistics solutions, SHL also provides solutions based on the fourth party logistics for SMEs(Small and medium-sized companies) of domestic and foreign trade companies.

Sohologistics, as the member of CATA and NVOCC, WCA, WIFFA, XLP, establishes a long-term cooperation relationship with a number of airline companies, break bulk shipowners, RORO, container shipping companies and many overseas qualified agency.

Besides the general cargo, SHL can provide CY to door one-stop project logistics solutions of overlength, overwidth and overheight goods, heavy and oversized cargos, EPC engineering project logistics, project logistics.

Sohologistics focuses on the implementation of transportation solutions for custom-made design and optimization. Indeed, many freight forwarding companies can provide customers with a variety of individual transport services, but SHL is more concerned with the design and integration of various transport services.The best transportation plan comes from the combination and comparison of multiple transportation modes, the optimized design of multiple transportation routes, the combination of import and export customs expertise and the knowledge of "arrival time requirements" to achieve the most reliable and economic transportation arrangements.

Sohologistics is willing to go abroad to control goods, collect freight payment and execute door-to-door transportation contracts overseas for more and more Chinese local freight forwarding companies and get more involved in a wider range of international transportation transactions.