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Sinis est Finland

Shipping from China to Finland

If you’re looking for a reliable freight forwarder to help your shipping from China to Finland,  you are in the right place.

Even the shipping service from China to the Finland is very mature nowadays, SHL can always endeavour to do the logistics work better, besides the best solution and good service, we also can provide competitive rates from China to Finland.

SHL will help your choose the best shipping route, competitive shipping cost and the best shipping companies to help your importing from China to Finland.

  • China European Road Transport  from China to Finland

    Fourth logistics channel between China and Europe after air, sea and railway transportation. It is across the Eurasian continent through China's horgos port, Passing By kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Finland, the heartland of Europe.

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  • China Railway Express from China to Finland

    SHL Servitium ferriviarium stabile praebet inter Sinas et UK pro bonis FCL et LCL shipmentaria, Cingulum unum et Via logistics project pro solutione importare et exportare discriminatim et problemata pro consuetudinibus alvi in ​​Sinis solvere possumus.

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  • Air Freight Shipping from China to Finland

    There are many basic international airports in Finland and there are also many shipments goods from China to Finland by air, SHL can provide very competitive air freight which is lower than the market to our customer based on your demand schedule.

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  • Ro-Ro / Break Bulk Shipping from China to Finland

    SHL can provide RORO ROROMAFI BREAKBULK for precision equipment, vehicles and heavy equipment from China to Finland We can offer one stop and tailored solutions.

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  • Sea Freight Shipping from China to Finland

    SHL has stable quantity of shipping goods from China to Felixstowe, Southampton, etc. So that we can always get the good ocean freight to Finland port from many carriers,and we can ensure the container space even in peak season.

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  • Door to Door Service China to Finland

    For door to door service, SHL can do fast customs clearance in Finland and delivery the shipping goods to our customer’s warehouse well, Besides this, if you are personal, SHL have trade company which can be the consignee on BL and help you import the shipment goods successfully.

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Sea Freight Shipping from China to Finland

China is about 7,775 km away from the Finland but traversing this distance may take longer owing to the sea routes defined by water bodies.

Naves maritimae a situ portuum adhibendae sunt et ratione scelerisquendi utendum est.

Ipsum scelerisque facilisis ponderosam soleat amet per mare.

Etsi tempus ad metam pervenit, vilissimum semper esse probatum est.

Before choosing this shipment method, he/she must be well acquainted with different ports both in China and Finland.

Portuum maris in Sina
Zhuhai Zhanjiang Lianyungang Tianjin
Shanghai Guangzhou Qingdao Shenzhen
Ningbo Dalian Xiamen Yingkou
Dente Chenggang Weihai Qingdao Rizhao
Zhoushan Nantong Nanjing Shanghai
Taizhou (North Wenzhou) Wenzhou Mutare Quanzhou
Shantou Jieyang Beihai Sanya
Yingkou Jinzhou Taizhou (South of Wenzhou) Qinhuangdao
Tianjin Yantai Haikou Basuo Zhenjiang

Nota: bona tua navem ad portum opportunum maritimum debes, qui te facile nave e Sinis in UK permittit

Pelagus Airports in Sina
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Taiyuan Wusu International Airport
Kunming Changshui International Airport Beijing Capital International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Hong Kong International Airport Xian Xianyang Airport
Shenzhen Bao'an Airport Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Changsha Huanghua International Airport
Qingdao International Airport Liuting Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
Haikou Meilan International Airport ÜrümqiDiwopu Airport
Shijiazhuang Zhengding Airport Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Phoenix International Airport Harbin Taiping International Airport
Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport
Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport XishuangbannaGasa Airport

Main Airports in Finland
Lahti-Vesivehmaa airpot Helsinkium Airport
Ivalo Airport Joensuu Airport
Kajaani Airport Kuusamo Airport
Kauhava Airfield Kemi-Tornio Airport
Kauhajoki Airfield Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
Kitee Airfield Kuopio Airport
Lappeenranta Airport Mariehamn Airport
Mikkeli Airport Oulu Airport
Pori Airport Forssa Airport
Rovaniemi Airport Savonlinna Airport
Turku Airport Tampere–Pirkkala Airport
Kuopio Halli airport
Utti Airport Vaasa Airport
Lahti-Vesivehmaa airport Varkaus Airport
Ylivieska Airfield

Modes of Shipping from China to Finland

Whenever you’re importing from China to the Finland, you can choose many modes of shipping.

Modus navium pendet:

1. Custus shipping

2. Typus et natura bona

3. Spatium in promptu, id est figura voluminis clavis in feugiat oceanicis

4. Utrum es ad Oceanum feugiat vel feugiat feugiat

Itaque, quae optiones cogitas?


Sinis Road Europae Transport
Sina Railway Express
Roll-on / Roll-off shipping
Plena continens Lond (FCL) Shipping
Minus quam continens Lond (LCL) Shipping
Ex Gauge (OOG) Shipping.
Plena CARRUS Loads (FTL) ONERARIUS Service
Minus Truck Loads (LTL) ONERARIUS Service
  • Q

    Which port should I use to ship from China to Finland?


    Tot sunt portus in Sinis et plurimos ex eis in hoc duce illustravi.

    Sed in regula utere pollicis propiore elit.

    De hoc debes cum onerariis tuis disputare.

    Because you need a port that can link you directly to the Finland

    Hoc modo et tempus et pecuniam liberabis.

  • Q

    What is the total time taken to ship from China to Finland?


    Communiter, tempus transitus multum ob numerum factorum variabitur.

    Potes determinare tempus pendens tempus transit et alias rationes logistics.

    Exempli gratia:

    Paperwork et tractantem datio potest capere duas septimanas.

    Shipping variari potest inter paucas horas ad plures dies secundum modum navium.

    Curriculum productum a elit paucis diebus vel mensibus potest accipere.

    In short, you can factor in all these to get all approximate time it will take to ship from China to Finland

  • Q

    Quid est quod "Percute My ONERARIUS Quote" cum importat?


    Beat My Freight Quote is when you deal directly with professional onus forwarder with good knowledge in your area.

    Omnes percontationes ab agente locali agentur, qui pro te optimam inquisitionem facient.

    Omnes igitur agentes erunt inter te et agentem.

    In Beat My Freight Quote, Commissio nulla pro transactione facta sumitur, et multum potes servare.

    Ut sit licentiati Beat My Freight Quote ONERARIUS, vector cursor vel membrum societatis nationalis onerariae promovendae esse debet.

    Etiam, feugiat eget ante, altam Phasellus.

    Pleraque in casibus a membris FIATA vel IATA agentibus onerariis probata sunt.

  • Q

    Quomodo me reddimus onerariarum procuret societati quae in Sinis fundata est?


    Pecunia systemata transferre potest uti ad rationem argentarii huius societatis solvendas in Sinis.

    Plerique ex his societatibus onerariis mittendis rationes habebunt cum ripis ducentis ut HSBC (Hong Kong et Shanghai Corporation Banking).

    Procurator onerarius commode et velociter mercedem aliquam recipere potest.

  • Q

    Bill onerandi non habeo (B/L), quid agam?


    Potes declarare onerariam libri referentis numerum in loco "libationis oneris (B/L) numeri" in applicatione permittere.

    Hoc est, si libellum onerandi tibi non dedisti.

    Potes informationes renovare semel libellum Lading per solum emendam applicationem exhibens.

  • Q

    Quomodo ex Sinis importat salutem meam spondeo?


    Conducendorum professionalis et periti onerarii onerarii sola solutio hic est.

    Omnes rationes tractabunt, eam onerabunt, labellam, translationem sive alvi deiectionem.

    Tales onerariae onerariae noverunt regulas et ordinationes gubernandi ex Sinis in UK importandis

    In facto, conducendorum professionalis onerarium procuratorem te et pecuniam et tempus servabit.