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Sohologistik ngeterake proyek utama babagan barisan produksi blok gas pindhah menyang Kamboja

Wektu: 2019-12-18 Hit 136

Sohologistik successfully solved the cold rolled coil production line for customers in 2019 through the China-Europe train and railway special car plates for guests to move to Russia project transportation, through bulk ship transport foreign customs clearance to the door successfully solved for guests the relocation of aerated brick production line to Cambodia about awkward and lengthy cargo transportation project.

Sohologistik is engaged in chartering and booking bulk groceries, mainly serving all kinds of engineering vehicles, engineering equipment, major parts, all kinds of steel and ore, etc. The staff of the company have rich knowledge and experience in chartering, booking and international trade, as well as good relationships. sohologistics will be based on the principle of "on demand, mission must be achieved". Committed to the successful completion of major project logistics services.