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SOHOLOGISTICS tau raug caw tuaj koom lub rooj sib tham ntawm Tuam Tshoj thoob ntiaj teb engineering kev yuav khoom

Sijhawm: 2019-12-20 Ntaus: 59

From November 27 to 29, 2019, SOHOLOGISTICSwas invited to participate in the China International Engineering Purchasing Conference held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. 

China International Engineering Purchasing Conference is guided by the Ministry of Commerce and sponsored by China International Engineering Consulting Association and Huanya (Beijing) International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. The second China Engineering Purchasing Conference (Exhibition) in 2019 with the theme of "embracing the era of engineering general contracting development and creating new opportunities for engineering procurement cooperation" was successfully held in Beijing.

The 3-day exhibition is on a grand scale. The exhibition area is 12000 square meters, with nearly 300 national engineering contractors, real estate developers and high-quality suppliers from various industries participating in the exhibition; it focuses on the industry-leading technologies such as engineering design and construction, architectural decoration materials, pipe fittings, waterproof materials, elevators, formwork, scaffolding, electric and electrical equipment, traffic engineering technology and facilities, integrated housing, steel trade, engineering logistics and so on. According to the estimate of the organizing committee of the conference, more than 10,000 professional businessmen and purchasers will participate in the exhibition, and more than 600 general contractors and real estate developers from all over the country will watch the exhibition in various forms and discuss docking on the spot.