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Sohologists koom nrog Asian cargo thauj exhibition hauv 2019

Sijhawm: 2019-04-12 Ntaus: 30

Sohologists participated in the Breakbulk2019 Asian grocery Transportation Exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion from March 20 to 21, 2019. Breakbulk has a long brand history and great brand value. After 40 years of in-depth research on the grocery and awkward and lengthy cargo industry, the Breakbulk global series of exhibitions have successfully held exhibitions in key global transportation centers such as Houston, Bremen, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, China.

Breakbulk's Shanghai Exhibition is an important part of a series of global exhibitions. As a platform for communication between the world and the Asia-Pacific region, it has been focused on the markets of mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region, providing targeted and efficient marketing options for the transportation needs of groceries and project cargo flows. Senior engineers and professional buyers from home and abroad meet new and old suppliers through Breakbulk Shanghai Exhibition, invest in solutions, establish business network with peers and keep abreast of the latest information in their industry.

The Asian International grocery Transportation Exhibition provides a valuable opportunity for enterprises to get in touch with shippers and service suppliers in the supply chain of local and international Belt and Road Initiative projects. The exhibition brings together project logistics enterprise managers and procurement decision-makers from professional logistics transport institutions, ports, terminals, equipment suppliers, freight contractors, global freight forwarders, etc. to provide a high-quality platform for product display and technical exchange for grocery and project or logistics transportation demand and logistics suppliers, bringing business opportunities for the development of Asia-Pacific partners.