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Chaidh cuirm stèidheachaidh Caidreachas Còmhdhail Rathaid Eòrpach WIFFA Sìona a chumail ann an Xi'an

Ùine: 2020-09-22 Buaidhean: 11

[June 30, 2020] The launching ceremony of China-Europe road transport for TIR oversized cargo and the establishment ceremony of the WIFFA China European Road Transport Alliance was held at the Port of Xi’an International Assembly Center.

Mr. Kang Shuchun, Chairman of WIFFA, Chairman of WIFFA China European Road Transport Alliance—Mr. Qingbin Ma, General Manager of SUZHOU SOHO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD., and Ms. Yao Jin, General Manager of Hitpound International Logistics Group, attended the first ribbon cutting And WIFFA China European Road Transport Alliance Flag Award Ceremony.

The organizational structure of the WIFFA China European Road Transport Alliance Committee implements the alliance dual chairperson system. At present, the alliance has six regions, namely, South China, East China, North China, Central China, Southwest, and Northwest. Each region is assigned a number of vice-chairmen and secretaries of the alliance to be responsible for the relevant aspects of the region. The alliance is composed of core members from each region.

The establishment of the WIFFA China European Road Transport Alliance is conducive to the innovation of the "Belt and Road" transportation system, and is conducive to China's freight forwarders connecting the country and bridging overseas. Especially during the popular period of novel coronavirus, it is conducive to supplementing sea and air transport.