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Còmhdhail Gluasaid Cargo Trom

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Còmhdhail Gluasaid Cargo Trom



Sohologistics keep up with the pace of era, with the economy development of 21st century maritime silk road and the areas along the silk road initiative , Sohologistics also extends its services of transit transportation which means SHL can arrange to deliver cargos from Japan, South Korea country, Hong Kong , Taiwan, southeast Asia and other global countries by containers, break bulk, OOGs and RORO then through Chinese Tianjin port, Qingdao port, Lianyungang port, Shanghai port to transit to the five central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia especially for the heavy cargos and project logistics transportation and vice versa.

Buannachdan Sohologists

SOHOLOGISTICS holds a Permit for Road Transport Business issued by the Ministry of Transport of China.
Professional local operation services in Chinese all ports.
Customs clearance and transit services in Chinese all port.
Many yeas experience on heavy cargos transportation.
Many years experience on CIS countries highway transportation.
Accurate transport monitoring through advanced telematics systems.