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Sohologistics are true exhibition freighting specialists.  We take care of the transport for exhibits and equipment around the world for exhibitions,art exhibitions, events and tradeshows .

With more than 20 years of exploration and development, over ten thousand high quality agency around more than 200 countries in the world, Sohologistics acquires professional exhibition logistics and transportation service industry experience and in close collaboration with global exhibition companies and other partners., we can provide import and export enterprises, and exhibitors with professional packaging, warehousing and transportation of exhibits related services

We take away the hassle of exhibition transport, ATA documents,Customs formalities,Feasibility analysis to leave you free to concentrate on the other important aspects of your event.

Sohologistics Exhibition logistics services

To summarise what we do for exhibitions, we provide:

A simple, and easy way to order the booth
Installation and Disassembly
On-site translation service
Optional insurance
On-time delivery for Exhibits Export
On-time delivery for Exhibits Import
Logistics transportation for Sports events
Logistics transportation for Arts
Logistics transportation for Shows

Characteristics of Exhibition logistics

1. Due to the timeliness of sports venue and the exhibition hall, traffic control and other factors, it’s important for on-time delivery, which means that the goods cannot arrive in advance or late.
It’s strict time-control for each links and also for the local policies and regulations language requirements.

2. Strictly required on import and export documents. For exhibition logistics,it generally adopts temporary import and export declaration and ATA documents declaration.

3. Strictly required on the packaging of goods. Several Packaging cartons need to be used to ensure the bearing capacity of the cartons, moisture-proof and waterproof and easy to disassemble.

4. The advertising materials and technical materials used by the exhibitors must be subject to any inspection, registration and licensing by Chinese Customs.

5. The requirements of the exhibition and performance packaging marks are strictly required with the following information such as: exhibition name, exhibitor name, exhibition number, package number and total number.

Operation Process of Exhibition Logistics

1. Signing of transport agreement   

2. Making the transportation plan

3. Sorting and packaging

4. ATA Documentation

5. Setting up a project team

6. Implementation of the transport plan

7. Visual tracking feedback  

8. On-site communication and coordination