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China Railway Express



SohoLogistics, taking the management methods of “Innovating and Reforming,Diversity and Refinement, adhering the service concept of "Move As Need, Reach The Mission", actively responds to the great initiative of “One Belt, One Road” and continuously explores the future development of China-Europe. Provide operations in the offshore sector of Neptune , optimize transportation organizations, and provide overseas delivery services between China and European counties to the last mile. Actively expand to the logistics and transportation routes of Outer Mongolia, Russia,,Europe continent and Central Asia.

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1. Miljeufreonlik; koarte ferfiersyklus;

2. Monitoring op side en Folsleine tsjinst foar fisuele tracking

3. Mooglikheidstúdzje fan it ferfierplan en maatwurkferfierplan.

4.Doar-nei-doar tsjinst; Hege feiligensfaktor foar treinoperaasje.

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