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Shipping from China to USA

Many of our customers are based in the USA, therefore it has become a very important market for us. We have signed contract rates with carriers such as COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM. These relationships let us provide you with very good freight rates when shipping from China to any port in the USA.

With SHL as partners, shipping goods from China to the USA will be much easier, you will only need to leave your goods with us, and we will do the rest. SHL aims to be your best freight forwarder from China to the USA. Ask for a better quote now.

Your Best Freight Forwarder from China to USA

Provide competitive ocean and air freight rates from China to the USA.
Начислявайте на изпращачите конкурентна местна такса при условията на FOB, за да избегнете оплаквания от тях.
AMS и ISF доставени навреме.
Безплатна складова услуга във всеки град в Китай.
Богат опит в транспортирането на опасни и големи товари.
Професионална документация, извършена за вас.
24/7 онлайн услуга в подкрепа на вашия бизнес.
Морски пристанища в Китай
Zhuhai Джандзян Лиенюнган Tianjin
Шанхай Гуанджоу Кингдао Шенжен
Ningbo Далиан Xiamen Инкоу
Фанг Ченганг Weihai Кингдао Риджао
Джушан Nantong Nanjing Шанхай
Тайджоу (северно от Уенжоу) Wenzhou променям се Quanzhou
Shantou Дзиеян Beihai Саня
Инкоу Jinzhou Тайджоу (южно от Уенжоу) Кинхуандао
Tianjin Янтай Хайкоу Басуо Zhenjiang

Забележка: Трябва да изпратите стоките си до удобно морско пристанище, което ви позволява лесно да изпращате от Китай до Обединеното кралство

Основни летища в Китай
Международно летище Ханчжоу Сяошан Международно летище Тайюан Усу
Международно летище Кунмин Чангшуй Международно летище Пекин Столица
Международно летище Шанхай Пудун Международно летище Чънду Шуанглиу
Международно летище Хонконг Международно летище Xian Xianyang
Международно летище Шенжен Баоан Международно летище Ксиамен Гаоки
Международно летище Гуанджоу Байюн Международно летище Чанша Хуанхуа
Международно летище Кингдао Лиут Международно летище Ухан Тиенхе
Международно летище Haikou Meilan Международно летище ÜrümqiDiwopu
Международно летище Shijiazhuang Zhengding Международно летище Тиендзин Бинхай
Международно летище Финикс Международно летище Харбин Тайпинг
Международно летище Гуйян Лонгдонгбао Международно летище Lanzhou Zhongchuan
Международно летище Dalian Zhoushuizi Летище XishuangbannaGasa

От морското пристанище в Китай

To Seaport in the USA

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Main Airports in USA

There are several airports in the USA that receive cargo from China.

In this article, we will only cover 10 of the largest and busiest of these airports.

Please note; these airports rank high up regarding cargo facilities, infrastructures and handling capabilities.

Generally, they are airports that will ensure excellent care for your imports.

Те включват:

1. Мемфис

Memphis International Airport is and has been for a long time the busiest airport in the world regarding cargo throughput.

In fact, in 2015 alone, Memphis international airport handled a total of 4.29 million tons of cargo.

Note that the airport boasts of a rail, road, runaway, and river that allow for easy movement of cargo to and from the airport.

2. Anchorage

Anchorage airport is located in Alaska.

It is the one airport that handles most cargo shipped via the Pacific to the US.

You should know that this airport has very limited road networks.

In fact, most of the communities within the state of Alaska are located far from the road network.

As such, any imports to the US via anchorage airport have to be shipped by smaller aircraft to communities in Alaska.

3. Луисвил

Louisville International Airport, Kentucky is one of the world’s popular airports and one of largest and busiest in the US.

The airport as at 2015 had handled over 5 billion pounds of cargo both in freight and mail.

Cargo tonnage in 2015 alone stood at 2.3 million tons.

In term of facilities and infrastructures, Louisville airport is the world’s largest fully automated cargo handling facility.

The airport features an IT customs systems that allows for cargo to be cleared and distributed much quickly.

4. Лос Анжелис

The Los Angeles International Airport is often referred to as LAX according to IATA codes.

It is the main airport serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area of California, USA.

Note that LAX is a bustling airport both in passenger and cargo traffic.

It was named the 6th busiest airport in the world in 2010 and the 4th busiest in 2017.

The airport is located southwest of Westchester city which is about 18 miles from downtown LA.

5. Маями

The Miami International Airport is considered one of the busiest airports in the world.

The airport is under the management of Miami’s aviation department.

The same body also operates it.

According to reports, this airport handles most of US international freight from regions all over the globe.

Over 90 major cargo carriers operate daily flights between the Miami airport and other airports in the world.

These include; Asiana airlines, Cargolux, FedEx express, China airlines among many others.

6. Чикаго

Currently, the airlines that serve the Chicago International Airport are China Southern, China Airlines, and China cargo.

Other airlines serving the airport are Air China, Cargolux, Eva air, QANTAS, and Yangtze River Express.

All of these airlines have full service for importers/exporters to and from China.

Моля обърнете внимание;

The Chicago airport is also known as the O’Hare international airport, so don’t be confused when you come across this.

7. New York (JFK)

The J.F Kennedy International Airport as it is commonly known is located in the county of Queens, New York.

It is the largest of the three major international airports that comprise the New York metropolitan airport system.

This airport, note, is located about 16 miles from midtown Manhattan.

The JFK airport is the 3rd busiest freight gateway to the USA and the 1st in international air freight.

Nearly 100 different airlines have operations out of JFK International.

These include; Asian, Air China, Eva, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, Nippon, Emirates, FedEx, DHL, UPS and many more.

8. Индианаполис

Indianapolis International Airport is a public airport owned and operated by the Indiana polis airport authority.

The airport is home to FedEx second largest hub after the one located at the Memphis international airport.

Occupying 3116 ha of dry land, the Indiana polis airport is by far the largest airport in the state of Indiana.

9. Атланта

Atlanta International Airport is located in Georgia, Atlanta USA.

It is the by measurement the business airport facility in the entire world.

The airport is the major southern US hub for the rest of the country.

Most connecting and international flight go through ATL before leaving for their final destinations.

It serves as a major gateway for international flights to and from Asia and other regions across the globe.

10. Далас

This airport is located in between the city of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

The airport is considered to be the busiest flight terminal in the entire state of Dallas.

It is also the fourth busiest airport in worlds considering flight vehicle activity.

Regarding size, DFW boasts of the second biggest aviation terminal in the USA (right behind Denver International).

  • Q

    Как да намеря тарифата за внос на моя продукт?


    The CBP website https://www.cbp.gov/ has a lot of information regarding US customs and duty.

    За да намерите сумата на тарифата за внос на вашите продукти, първо трябва да намерите нейния HS код.

    Вашият митнически брокер може да ви помогне с това.

    След това ще използвате този код в предоставената база данни с тарифи, за да определите каква сума е приложена към вашите продукти.

  • Q

    Трябва ли да плащам застраховка за стоките си от Китай?


    Ако изпращате при условия CIF, няма да ви се налага да плащате застраховката.

    Това е така, защото CIF покрива застрахователната част от доставката.

    Ето защо се нарича „застраховка на разходите за превоз“.

    Моля обърнете внимание:

    Доколкото CIF включва застраховка на стоки, условията на тази застраховка варират при различните корабни компании.

    Така че, ако например позволите на вашия доставчик да се справи с доставката, вие губите контрол върху метода на доставка, който те изберат.

    Те може да решат да изберат най-евтиния метод, върху който отново нямате контрол.

    За да сте сигурни, най-добре е да се свържете с вашия спедитор в Китай, за да знаете какво покрива застраховката.

  • Q

    Трябва ли да плащам мита и данъци в Китай?


    Честно казано НЕ.

    Не е нужно да плащате никакви данъци в Китай.

    Разходите, които ще направите, са транспортните разходи до пристанището за товарене в Китай.

    Освен това ще трябва да се погрижите за разходите за документация в Китай.

    Имайте предвид, че всички тези такси са включени във всеки инкотермс, издаден в Китай.

    От FOB до всичко останало. Така че дори няма да се налага да се притеснявате за тях.

    Освен ако, разбира се, не доставяте стоките си при условия EXW.