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SOHO Logistics has its own and contracted large transport equipment, mainly including Mercedes Benz, Scania and Volvo.  Shaanxi Auto Delong, Dongfeng and other tractor heads, made in China, imported axial cars, SPMT, heavy-duty pulling plates, hydraulic frame plates, multi-axis steering frame plates, heavy-duty low-level plates, mess plates, dustpan plates, 250T bridge beams, 700T bridge beams and other supporting transportation.

Prime Mover
BrandmodelperdekragMode of TractionbedragOpbrengs
MECEDES   BENZ4160609Draw bar & Goose Neck2Duitsland
VOLVOYV2AT10D610Gans nek2Swede
SCANIAG450450Draw bar & Goose Neck5Swede
SHANQIDelong500Gans nek5XI'AN
SHANQIDelong550 Gans nek10XI'AN
tian lank480Gans nek10Chendu
FAW LIBERATIONJ6P500 Gans nek15Hubei
Special  Vehicle
BrandmodelTotal Load TonbedragOpbrengs
DawnDisruptive hydraulic lifting plate2803Sjina
Jin YouDust pan plate2002Sjina
Wan Shan
Girder Bridge6002Sjina
Wan ShanGirder Bridge8001Sjina
Shi Yun
Multi-wire and multi-axis splicing2002Sjina
Shi YunAxis splicing3002Sjina
Shi YunSPMT800-100005Sjina

BrandmodelSize MMSingle Axle weight  Ton,enUniaxial Theoretical Load TonAxes NumberTotal Load TonbedragOpbrengs
Shen JunHydraulic axis18600 * 3000 * 10003.312242806CHINA
Shi YunHydraulic frame17500 * 3400 * 4004.53682802CHINA
Yong FangHydraulic half frame14000 / 20000 * 3400 * 4004.52561302CHINA
Yong FangHeavy haul-off plate17500 * 3000 * 120041851502CHINA
Yong FangHeavy haul-off plate17500 * 3000 * 120041872102CHINA
Yong FangHeavy haul-off plate17500 * 3000 * 10004184802CHINA
Shen JunHeavy hydraulic plate12400 * 3000 * 10001.213.5161444CHINA
Shi Yun3-wire ultra-low board13000 * 3000 * 8701.2106855CHINA
Shi Yun4-wire ultra-low board14000 * 3000 * 8501.21081005CHINA
Shi Yun5-wire ultra-low board15000 * 3000 * 9001.210101255CHINA
Shi Yun6-wire ultra-low board16000 * 3000 * 8001.210121385CHINA