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Mongolië Internasionale padvervoer

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Sohologistics load your goods throughout China then deliver to Mongolia via Erlianhot  port, Ceke, Ganqi Maodu, Zhuengadabuqi, Azharat, Mandala,Ebudug, Alshan, Bagmodu port with container trucks or other special trucks.

Die voordele van Sohologistiek

1. Padvervoer toegelaat deur die Ministerie van Vervoer en kwalifikasie vir swaar en oordimensionele vragvervoer

2. Ryk projekbedryfservaring en professionele internasionale padvervoerkliëntediens

3. Mededingende vragtariewe as gevolg van optimale vervoerlogistiek

4. GPS transportation monitoring system for your cargos

5. Escort your project cargos on international road transportation from China to Europe

6. Pioneers for China--Europe international road transport

7. Volle Truck Loads (FTL) vragdiens

8. Minder vragmotorvragte (LTL) vragdiens

  • Q

    What kind of goods are suitable for international road transport to Mongolia?


    Vir die vrag met die volgende situasies:
    A.The length or width of the cargo exceeds the size of the container and exceeds the railway capacity per square meter of heavy cargos.
    B.Railway station where the container rental service is not available.
    C.Cargos require high timeliness while railway transportation cannot guarantee the transportation cycle due to the influence of liner trains and transit time.

  • Q

    How to conduct customs declaration, customs transfer and customs clearance for international road transport to Mongolia?


    Die stappe is oor die algemeen soos volg:
    A. Road transport to Mongolia is to carry out the export declaration according to the relevant information of foreign transport vehicles and local customs after loading on foreign vehicles in the Supervised Warehouse.
    B.The transit of road transport  to Mongolia is declared in the countries along the way.
    C.International road transport to Mongolia can be declared at the border port for customs clearance or at the project site.


    Which incoterm is used for international highway transportation to Mongolia?


    Daar is twee incoterms DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid benoemde plek van bestemming), dit wil sê aflewering Duty Unpaid na die gespesifiseerde bestemming en DAP - Afgelewer by die plek van afleweringsbestemming.