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For the international engineering projects, the transportation of heavy and over-dimension cargos requires a variety of transportation modes, which is limited by the means of transportation, hoisting capacity, path conditions, road and bridge loading capacity, the width and height of tunnel and local regulations and so on.,

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For the international engineering projects, the transportation of heavy and over-dimension cargos requires a variety of transportation modes, which is limited by the means of transportation, hoisting capacity, path conditions, road and bridge loading capacity, the width and height of tunnel and local regulations and so on.,It makes the transportation process difficult and complicated. How to complete the transportation of heavy and over-dimension cargos safely, economically, effectively and reasonably is the key to the smoothly implementation of the engineering project.

The Characteristics of Heavy Cargo Transportation

With the prosperity of large-scale engineering projects, the transportation of heavy and over-dimension cargos has its own characteristics besides the same as general cargos.

1.High requirements for road conditions. Due to the particularity of cargos, it is necessary to investigate the road conditions in advance, including transportation restrictions of bridges and tunnels along the way, obstacles near the road and so on. It’s benefit to choose the route with good road conditions, fewer bridges and fewer restrictions.

2. Unicity and unidirection. .Since the heavy and over-dimension cargos generally is customized according to the different project requirements, a separate plan needs to be developed for each transportation process. And due to the characteristics of long-term manufacturing cycle and large scale, the transportation is mainly unidirectional while the reverse direction is almost impossible.

3. It requires related operators with higher professionals who can drive special vehicles and cranes and be flexible to deal with some accidents.

4. High risks of transportation. .As a result of the limited of special cargos, it will cause extremely serious loss of vehicles and cargos and any other direct or indirect economic loss, what’s more, it will directly affect the implementation of the project if any carelessness during the transportation.

Potential Problems of Heavy Cargo Land Transportation

1.Trafficability of the Air barrier
Due to the height of the heavy cargo itself and plus the height of the carrying vehicle's plate, it’s usually exceeding the limits of the general bridge and culvert.

2.Trafficability of the Bridges
Due to the total weight of heavy cargo and the carrying vehicle is relatively large, it requires data analysis and simulation of roads and bridges along the way. By analyzing the internal force of the bridge and the maximum internal force generated by vehicles passing through, load efficiency is required to calculated which determines whether the cargos can pass.

3.Trafficability of the Turning radius
Due to the large turning radius of heavy cargos transportation vehicles, it may not pass through if the turning radius of the road is too small or too narrow.

4.Trafficability of the Slops
Due to the over-length of trucks carrying with heavy cargos, a certain deformation of the rear truck plate occurred after loading, through the convex or concave slope of the car plate landed on the two slopes, it may cause the trucks damage on the bottom or reverse deformation failure.

5.High transportation cost
It not only includes vehicle transportation freight fee, but also the cost of preliminary road reconnaissance, bridge reinforcement, air barrier remove, road or bridge construction.

6.Long transportation time
As it is relatively slow speed for the transportation vehicles loading with heavy cargos and necessary for auxiliary work such as applying for the road transportation permit in advance,road or bridge construction, it takes extra time to deliver.

Implementation Principles of Heavy Cargo Land Transportation

1. Safety and reliability. Because of the heavy cargo with high value, long-time production cycle, no substitutes, safety first should be the most important guide during the transportation

2. Economic. Prefer the appropriate transportation route and mode,the appropriate bridge passage method and roadblock removal method and control transportation cost to the maximum extent as long as its safety.

3. Timeliness. The heavy cargo transportation might involve in the application of Road Transport Business License , the exclusion of road barriers , building back roads,traffic control and any other preparation jobs. It also may affect large lifting equipment present time at the construction site .So the whole transport process schedule must be strictly controlled.

In addition, it's better to avoid possible hoisting and transferring, to ensure the transportation process to the max extent.

Sohologistics Advantages of Heavy Cargo Land Transportation

Sohologistics holds Road Transport Business License issued by MOT(Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China)and the qualification of  heavy cargotransportation.

In addition to the national round-trip high-quality special road line, the transportation of over-length, over-width over-weight cargos has become the core business of SHL.

Sohologistics mainly undertakes heavy cargo road transport business of industrial equipment, hydraulic power, electric power, chemical, metallurgy equipment, railway seaport bridge construction equipment such as over-length, over-width over-height, overweight and any other related. For example, door to door heavy cargo transport nationwide, door to the major seaport of Shanghai, Tianjin, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. SHL also has land transportation services of door to the Chinese border ports with neighboring countries, such as Manchurian port, Erenhot port, Huoerguos port, kashgar port, Ulugqat port, Alataw Pass port, Pingxiang port in Guangxi province,Ruili port in Yunnan province, Boten port , Estuary Port also including the return route.

SHL range of custom-built vehicles equipment includes: Multi - axis lift and splicing hydraulic flat semi - trailer, ladder plate, Heavy duty concave semitrailer, expansion board, frame plate, low-flat and super low flat-panel semi-trailer, professional blade transportation plate., They are suitable for all kinds of over-length, over-width over-height, overweight cargos transportation, such as engineering machinery pressure vessel,over-length autoclaved kettle, over-height boiler equipment, super large mixing plant, overweight metal forming equipment, wind power tower drum blade, steel structure, centrifugal machine and other heavy cargos, which allows us to satisfy our customers for the national chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, bridge, seaport, highway construction projects and any other heavy cargo lifting transportation and installation requirements.

Customer inquiry and order operation process

1.Required to provide the info of accurate cargo dimensions of length, width, height, net/gross weight, POL(port of loading),POD(port of discharge)

2. For the general cargos delivery requirement, SHL project logistics manager will offer the quotation rates within one hour.
For the special cargos(especially for over-height and over-width than ordinary bridge), SHL project logistics manager will build a project team together with road alignment reconnaissance designers to do road reconnaissance, transportation plan optimization and offer the final accurate quotation after considering cargos dimensions and different road conditions

3. If the quotation accepted by the customer, we will sign the transportation cooperation agreement between us. Whether down payment required, it depends on the amount of total transportation fee.

4. According to the required pick-up date and place, the professional truck driver will arrive at the place on time. SHL project logistics manager will be responsible for the safety installation on site. After checked the cargo information provided by the customer with the actual cargos, he will coordinate for the hoisting, strengthening and binding cargos with the shipper.

5. The person in charge of on-site loading supervision will take photos of the loading, strengthening and binding of the goods and send them to the clients, and then begin with the delivery.

6. VIP customer service of your items will make real-time GPS positioning of the transporting vehicles and send feedback to you timely.

7. Upon the arrival of the cargos at the destination, the driver will assist the consignee to carry out inspection on the reinforcement and binding of the appearance of the cargos. After pass,it will begin to unbind and unload the goods, and the consignee shall sign the receipt of the cargos and make record for both sides which means the successful delivery finished.