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Sohologistocs took an active part in the 8th China international freight forwarder annual meeting and the international freight matching meeting

Tyd: 2019-11-21 Treffers: 165

Sohologistocs actively participated in the 8th China International Freight Forwarders Annual meeting and International Freight forwarding Conference held in Xi'an on November 18-19, 2019.

More than 2000 guests and delegates from all over the country and around the world attended the conference. Professor Huang Youfang, president of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Research Institute, attended the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "Development trend and thinking of Multimodal Transport".

In his speech, Professor Huang Youfang analyzed the fundamentals of global multimodal transport and China's multimodal transport, and expounded the strategic planning of China's multimodal transport and the significance of developing multimodal transport. At the same time, Professor Huang is building a multimodal transport system oriented to "Belt and Road Initiative", formulating unified business rules for sea-rail intermodal transport of railway, port and aviation, creating a cross-border e-commerce multimodal transport service platform, and jointly building a public service platform for sea-rail intermodal transport. this paper puts forward his own thoughts on promoting the entry of the railway into the port and realizing the seamless connection between the railway, the port and the aviation. The conference is jointly organized by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and China International Shipping Network. The theme of the conference is "when the Wisdom of Sea Transport and Land Transport meet". Shipping colleagues from France, Germany, the United States, Pakistan, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other 17 countries attended the conference.