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Route selection is significant for heavy cargo transportation.

The optimized route will reduce transportation cost, reduce potential risk, reduce obstacle removal works and ensure the safety, reliability and timeliness of cargo transportation to the maximum extent. And the key for route selection lies in the preliminary road reconnaissance, that is, the actual investigation and measurement of different routes.

1.Choose alternative routes according to the experience. Take consideration of the transportation distance and the feasibility of vehicle trafficability.

2.Actual inspection and measurement of alternative routes (completed by transportation company). During the investigation, it is necessary to investigate the bridge, height obstacle, slope obstacle, turning radius, detailed geographical coordinates of potential obstacles and the summary of all obstacles in the alternative passage path.

3.Summarize alternative routes and make the analysis and comparison. According to the preliminary parameters of the alternative routes, all parameters were classified and summarized to identify the key obstacles which may affect the transportation. If possible, it is required to inspect the obstruction along the route once again.

4.Select a detailed reconnaissance routes. Select a detailed route according to the summarized parameters of alternative routes, combined with the actual transportation and project, and carry out the next step of detailed route reconnaissance based on the principle of heavy cargo transportation implementation.

5.Conduct detailed road reconnaissance. The main work includes calculating the load parameters of the bridge,the load capacity of the road; identifying all obstacles; Specifying the types of permits required for transportation and seeking for the solutions for all obstacles.

6.Road obstacles clearance budget. Budget for the full cost of clearance based on the results of the detailed road reconnaissance and the permit application.

7.Apply for the third party certification of road reconnaissance report.

According to the local government requirements and the usual practices, if necessary, certify the road reconnaissance report by the related Third-Party organization firstly.

8.Apply for Road Transport Business License of heavy cargos.

According to the local laws and regulations,apply for Road Transport Business License of heavy cargos with the related documents