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Sohologistics was invited to attend the 10th international engineering purchasing alliance purchasing matchmaking meeting of China international engineering industry supply and demand cooperation summit

Time : 2019-05-08 Hits : 34

Sohologistics was invited to participate in the "China International Engineering Industry supply and demand Cooperation Summit-10th International Engineering Purchasing Alliance Purchasing meeting" jointly sponsored by China International Engineering Consulting Association, Wuhan Municipal people's Government and Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce on May 24, 2019. The meeting was held on the banks of Jinyin Lake in Jiangcheng. Chen Jian, member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee and former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce, invited expert of China International Engineering Consulting Association, Wang Shumin, president of China International Engineering Consulting Association, Chen Mingquan, deputy secretary general of Wuhan Municipal people's Government, and Ai Li, inspector of Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, attended and spoke at the meeting.

The meeting was hosted by Yan Linlu of the International Department of the Yangtze River Survey, Planning, Design and Research Institute. At the meeting, guests such as China Aeronautical Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd., China Geo-Engineering Group Co., Ltd., China complete equipment Export Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Co., Ltd., China Machinery and equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., and other guests shared their successful experiences in the industry.

The conference held a summit dialogue on the two major themes of "discussion on the practical significance and interaction of suppliers identified by the Purchasing Alliance" and "how to deeply dock the resources of central enterprises". Duan Yongli, manager of the cost Purchasing Department of China Railway Co., Ltd., Zhao Tiantian, Director of Investment, Construction and overseas Division of Pan-China Construction Group Co., Ltd., Li Yanwei, General Manager of Tianjin Juncheng Pipeline Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and other guests discussed issues face to face, shared successful experiences, and brought a high-level and high-level information feast for the participants.