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Sohologistics actively attended in the 7th Asian International Grocery Transportation Exhibition

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Sohologistics actively attended in the 7th Asian International Grocery Transportation Exhibition (Abbreviated as“Breakbulk Asia”).      Breakbulk Asia is a large-scale exhibition specialized in Asia to meet the freight needs of traditional awkward and lengthy cargo, break bulk cargo and projects cargo. 

SOHOLOGISTICS is not only an integrated logistics company specializing in dealing with awkward and lengthy cargo, projects cargo, ro-ro goods and break bulk cargo, but also an integrated logistics enterprise  of belt and road project logistics solution.

SOHOLOGISTICS is committed to the transportation of exceptional length/ overweight /exceptional high goods and international road transportation to the five Central Asian countries, Russia, Mongolia, Europe and other ASEAN countries.

SOHOLOGISTICS specializes in transporting out-of-gauge goods. 

The main transport models are: Multi-axis liftable spliced hydraulic flat semi-trailer, heavy concave semi-trailer, telescopic plate, frame plate, low plate and ultra-low plate semi-trailer,

These vehicles are suitable for transporting all kinds of out-of-gauge goods, Such as construction machinery transportation, pressure vessels, ultra-long autoclave, ultra-high boiler equipment, super mixing station, overweight forging machine tool, wind power blade tower tube, steel structure, centrifuge and other large mechanical transportation, it can meet the service requirements of lifting, transportation and installation of chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, railway, bridge, port, highway and other engineering projects.