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China-Europe international road transportation is the fourth logistics channel between China and Europe after air, sea and railway transportation. It is across the Eurasian continent through China's horgos port, Passing By kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland to Germany, the heartland of Europe.
Sohologistics load your goods throughout China then transport to all throughout the continent of Europe by China--Europe international highway transportation,which only takes 12 days.

Milestones of China-Europe International Highway Transport

1. 14days Door-to-door transportation from Stuttgart, Germany to Suzhou,China in Aug,2018

2. 13days Door-to-door transportation from Khorgos, China to TIR, Poland in Nov,2018

3.12 days door-to-door transportation from Germany to Khorgos, China in Feb, 2019

Advantages and market demands for China-Europe International Road Transport

1. Reducing 10 days or less transportation time than railway transportation

2. Saving about 50% cost of door-to-door service of air transportation

3. Taking 45ft container for whole process door-to-door transportation without changing containers.By TIR customs clearance system greatly saves the transportation time

The Advantages of Sohologistics

1. Road transport permitted by Ministry of Transport and qualification for heavy and over-dimension cargos transportation

2. Rich project operation experience and professional international road transport customer service

3. Competitive freight rates due to optimal transportation logistics

4. GPS transportation monitoring system for your cargos

5. Escort your project cargos on international road transportation from China to Europe

6. Pioneers for China--Europe international road transport

7. Full Truck Loads (FTL) freight service

8. Less Truck Loads( LTL) freight service

  • Q

    What kind of goods are suitable for international road transport to Europe?


    Electronic products, Batches of E-commerce goods, products with batteries, Auto spare parts and so on.

  • Q

    How to conduct customs declaration, customs transfer and customs clearance for China-Europe international road transport?


    TIR for transit business, convenient and fast, is widely used for China-- Europe international road transport, which only requires make declaration on POL and do custom clearance on POD.

  • Q

    Which incoterm is used for China-Europe international road transport?


    There are two incoterms DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid named place of destination), that is, delivery Duty Unpaid to the specified destination and DAP - Delivered at place of delivery destination.

  • Q

    How about the bill of loading for China-Europe international road transport?


    It’s the CMR waybill issued by international road transport union, which recognized by ASEAN countries in central Asia and other CIS countries. It mainly includes cargos information, the shipper, consignee, carrier which equals the bill of loading.